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From BlogEngine.NET to WordPress

Well… I would welcome myself to this blog…

After a full night of struggling with hosting migration, now everything is back to normal except the blog.

Yeah, I’m now using WordPress. Oops I said the blog is not normal, it’s not because of WordPress though, instead all of my posts from Sept 2009 will not be migrated to this website. Many things considered, not only because of the posts are no longer “hot” but also I just want to start from fresh.

I choose WordPress because I think this is the best blog engine on earth. I must admit it, even though I’m .NET developer.

Don’t ask about the roadmap of this blog… this will of course all about .NET things 🙂

Stay tune for the interesting (and useful – I hope) posts!

PS: If any of you need the old posts, please let me know.

PPS: I just recovered some old posts which I found helpful for anyone (realized it after reading MSDN forums).