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If this is the first time you hear about Microsoft WebMatrix, I suggest you to read my previous post WebMatrix – Introduction and WebMatrix – Installation before continue reading this post.

On first-time run of Microsoft WebMatrix, below screen will be the default screen on WebMatrix.


if you don’t like it you can disable it by giving “Do not show this screen on start-up” a check mark. It will then run My Sites as default screen and open the last site you’re working with.

Later you want the Quick Start screen to get back you can close the opened site it will bring you the Quick Start screen and you can remove the check mark if you want.


Okay let’s try the menu item one by one.

My Sites

It will open a dialog with all sites you ever worked with in the list. Select a site and click OK button to open, or you can just double click the site.


I found that there is no way to remove a site from the list at this Beta version. Maybe it will be added in the newer version – let’s hope – err suggest to them 🙂

Site From Web Gallery

This option will open a dialog to select a website or application from Web Gallery. This is the same as installing community website or application using Web PI but in this Microsoft WebMatrix the website or application will not be installed in IIS but rather they will be stored in %user%\Documents\My Web Sites folder and will be run in IIS Developer Express by default when you’re working with the site on WebMatrix. (if you want you can also add the website or application to your computer IIS manually)


Site From Template

This is where all funs will start. You can create your own site from online templates listed there.


When you create a new site from template, you will find that there are new extensions .cshtml and .vbhtml – yep they are new extension introduced by Microsoft as ASP.NET Web Page and  it supports Razor Syntax.

If you want to learn more about them, you can visit this page:

Site From Folder

This option will let you choose a folder in your computer where a site (or even nothing) is stored. The folder will be then be the root directory of the site you will work with.

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