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VS2010 Tips #10: How to change Local Help Library path

In this blog post, I want to show you how to change the path of the Local Help Library.

Let’s say you want to move the location of the local content being stored. You can simply move the files and change the path.

Where is it stored now? run the Help Library Manager


Then click Settings


That is the current location. You can copy the contents of that folder to somewhere. (for this example, I move my help contents to D:\DUMMY FILES\HelpLibrary\)

Then open Registry Editor


and then go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE -> SOFTWARE -> Microsoft -> Help -> v1.0

Change the value of LocalStore with the path of the new location


In this case I changed it to D:\DUMMY FILES\HelpLibrary\


Okay, now go to the new location then edit the /manifest/queryManifest.3.xml using Notepad


Modify the following to match the new location


So, for this example it will become like this


That’s it!

You can test it by running Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Documentation


Windows Live Hotmail is getting better

Microsoft just gave a sneak peek to the new Window Live Hotmail, representing the next generation in personal email. Practical innovations has been introduced to help people manage the clutter and regain control of their inboxes efficiently and the new features will become available to customers world-wide from  mid-2010.

A quick overview of the key updates:

Stay better organized

Todays inboxes are overflowing with mail that most people consider junk, even though it’s mail that’s legitimate.  To help keep inboxes clean and organized, the new Hotmail delivers the first and only virtual broom, enabling customers to easily sweep unwanted mail out of their inbox.  It also helps cut through clutter with intelligent filters that in a single click will filter the entire inbox to show mail just from contacts, just social network alerts, or just mail from the groups users belong to.

Manage your social networks from your inbox

With the new Hotmail, customers will be able to see rich previews of photos and videos from popular sites like Flickr, YouTube, Hulu and SmugMug, and see the status of tracked packages in real time, inside their emails. They’ll also be able to accept invitations to connect with someone on a social or professional networking site like LinkedIn – all from the convenience of their inboxes.

Increased attachment size

One of the biggest changes to Hotmail is the increased ability to manage and share personal photos and documents. Today, people are sharing over 1.5 billion photos and  350 million Microsoft Office documents per month in Hotmail.  Still, the attachment size problem remains, regardless of which mail service people use. The new Hotmail lets’ customers send up 10 GB of attachments (200 attachments each up to 50 MB in size) in a single message, erasing worries of attachment size limits.

You can find out more at

VS2010 Tips #9: Moving from Multiple Documents window layout to Floating Window of Visual Studio 2010

If you’re one of the fans of Multiple Document window layout in previous versions of Visual Studio, you will miss that feature in Visual Studio 2010.

Below is the options of Visual Studio 2008

And this is the option of Visual Studio 2010

Yep the setting of Multiple document is no longer there.

That would not be a big issue. Visual Studio 2010 has new feature Floating Window. You can make the editor window to float by simply right clicking the tab title and choose Float.


The editor window is now floating. You can drag anywhere.


To dock it back, you can do from Window -> Dock as Tabbed Document


This feature is better isn’t it? You can even drag it to the external display 🙂

Final Release of Silverlight 4 Tools for Visual Studio 2010 and WCF RIA Services 1.0

It’s been few weeks after Silverlight 4 release. Now you can grab the final release Silverlight 4 Tools for Visual Studio 2010. That tool will also install the the final release of WCF RIA Services 1.0

If you have previously installed the tools, you don’t need to worry, it will uninstall them automatically.

VS2010 Tips #8: Got annoying Visual Studio 2010 error? Try to run in Safe Mode

Sometimes not well-coded extensions/add-ons can cause very annoying error. If you got any error in running Visual Studio 2010, especially if you use lot of 3rd party extensions/add-ons, then running Visual Studio 2010 in Safe Mode will be worth to try.

The Safe Mode will disable all extensions, that way you will know whether the error you got is Visual Studio error or caused by installed extensions.

To run Visual Studio in Safe Mode, you can type devenv.exe /safemode in Visual Studio command line or from Run window.


More about running Visual Studio in Safe Mode: