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If you’re having issue when updating to Windows 10 Creators Update then you’re not alone.

My Installed Windows 10
Edition: Windows 10 Pro
Version: 1607
OS Build: 14393.1066

When I perform upgrade to Windows 10 Creators Update via Windows Update the download was fine. Then it asked me to manually start the install (of course just via a click in Windows Update screen). The progress was fine until it restarted the computer.

After the restart the installation process was still going. I remember at this stage the brightness and text size of the screen was like installing Windows 10 from scratch, so I guess it’s the stage where the true installation process is going. It says something like “your computer will be restarted several times” at the bottom of the screen.

After around 30 percent, it restarted again then the computer cannot restart well. I remember it tries to restart again then the next restart causes a weird sound (like the power was forcely shut off). I was worried by the time. Then it restart again (yes, automatically) but this time it’s showing that the Windows is restored to the previous version.

Another restart, it boots well and the previous Windows 10 installation is working perfectly. So the restore is good.
I have checked Windows Update again and it’s now not forcing me to download Windows 10 Creators Update automatically.

This post is not intended to teach you to solve Windows 10 Creators Update upgrade issue. This is just sharing my experience and opinion.
The update was automatically downloaded and I thought it was going to install well just like the Anniversary Update but I was wrong.
For now I will pending the update to Windows 10 Creators Update.
If you’re having issue and you’re wanting the Windows 10 Creators Update so much, some people could do it by doing a clean install. Yes, it will always work. But in my case it will cost me time (to do backup of my data, etc) and I don’t have it at the moment.
I’m also hoping that Microsoft is not pushing to install a major update like this via Windows Update automatic download if it’s not going to install well.

Best wishes.

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Cannot upgrade Windows 10 Home to Pro edition

We couldn’t upgrade your edition

Try upgrading your edition of Windows again or contact your your system administrator or Microsoft. Error code: 0x0

When you arrive on this post, you might have been frustrated with above error message when upgrading Windows 10 Home edition to Pro edition. Without too much talking, here is the solution:


Yes, it’s. Whatever your antivirus program, uninstall it first before entering Pro edition key for the upgrade.

In my case, my Asus ROG GL502VT came with McAfee LiveSafe. It had successfully destroyed my day until I realized that it’s the cause of the issue.

You can reinstall your Antivirus program again after the edition upgrade completed successfully.



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