Windows Live Essentials 2011 – msnmgr.exe Error “The program can’t start because wldlog.dll is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix problem”

After long wait, at last Windows Live Essentials 2011 reaches its RTM. There are 2 installer versions we can use:

Today I had chance to install it. Everything else went smooth but I got msnmgr.exe error when I was ‘first time’ starting the Windows Live Messenger.

The error says The program can’t start because wldlog.dll is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix problem.

The error message was only thrown once. But after that every time I tried to login to Messenger it threw error 80040154. The solution link that leads to msxml3.dll fix didn’t help at all for this version nor reinstalling the Windows Live Messenger.

After long day of research, at last I got the solution. It seems the new Windows Live has grouped the wldcore.dll and wldlog.dll (used by Messenger, Contacts and Mail) to a folder c:\Program Files\Windows Live\Shared


Maybe because I did upgrade install it screwed up things.

The solution was simply copy paste those 2 files wldcore.dll and wldlog.dll from c:\Program Files\Windows Live\Shared to

  • c:\Program Files\Windows Live\Messenger
  • c:\Program Files\Windows Live\Contacts
  • c:\Program Files\Windows Live\Mail

Now I can login to Windows Live Messenger and enjoy the whole Windows Live Essentials 2011 products.

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48 thoughts on “Windows Live Essentials 2011 – msnmgr.exe Error “The program can’t start because wldlog.dll is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix problem”

  1. Tom Yeh

    Thanks for your share.
    finally, my problem solve by your instruction.
    why MS don’t have any solution could help us solve this kind of problem.

  2. Vincent Bouchy

    Thank you Ferry, your post just solved my ‘offlineness’ since the Windows Live Essentials 2011 upgrade !

  3. Elizabeth


    I’ve come across this issue as well, but when I went to look in the shared folder that file was not there.. Not sure if there is another solution, but I seem to have hit a wall with this..

    Thanks for any help you may have!

  4. Dennis

    It STILL didn’t work D: im still getting the error :/ what am i doing wrong? i copied and pasted the things like you said but it still didn’t work v_v

  5. Marc

    i dont have the mail folder, so i tried anyways and its still not working… can u help plz, im getting really frustrated

  6. Ferry Meidianto Post author

    @Dennis: The error could be caused by other thing. I write wrote this post based on my experience.

    @Marc: That’s maybe because you haven’t installed Windows Live Mail.

  7. Chad Gross

    You are a friggin genius! Was forced to update messenger by MS and then it hosed everything up. Had to uninstall an reinstall and still broke. MS has this install messed up for the new messenger and it took me forever to find this post and MS has nothing on how to fix it. Oy yey.

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  9. Terry Hodgson

    Absolutely bang on! Your suggested fix worked wonders for me and I thank you for posting your solution. I tried various software programs that suggested they could fix my problem but they didn’t work.

  10. Tony

    Hello i looked for the directory and all it shows is this
    c:\Program Files\Windows Live\Family Safety
    c:\Program Files\Windows Live\Mesh
    c:\Program Files\Windows Live\Mail
    And the files can’t be found –> wldcore.dll and wldlog.dll I am running x64 and when i run the installer it hoses my system and lags to the point where i have to use system restore..

  11. Ronald Benvenutti

    Sometimes the above solution is OK. For me, at the first time it worked, but not anymore.

    The real problem is the PATH environment variable. Edit it and put the MSN related paths to the beginning. This worked for me. Go to Control Panel, System, Advanced System Configurations, Environment Variables, cut all the paths with “Windows Live” and paste them at the beginning.

  12. Delta

    It didn’t work, I don’t have a shared folder. I tried to fall the same steps and nothing. I even did a search through my whole system and didn’t locate it. I tried reinstalling, but it says its already installed. I tried uninstalling. But there is nothing there. Please Help.

  13. Joe

    I some problems about 2 months ago, then decided to use older version instead, but now they disabled it for the new one. As i installed the new version I got also that ordinal 270 error, but following the instructions it worked, simple as that. I searched even page eleven from google, but didn’t get a single solution until i found this place.
    Thank You

  14. James

    I had a problem after doing the above . the error shown now is ” The ordinal 43 could not be located in the dynamic link library WLDCore.dll.

  15. Kishore SL

    i had been screwed up & this post gave one stop reply

    thanks a ton!!


  16. Jim White

    Brilliant. had the same problem with the wldcore.dll error and your solution fixed it. Thanks!!!! Only difference it was in programs files x86, not the 64bit programs file.

  17. osmodia

    Would be nice if it worked, but I have NO wldcore.dll file on my PC, no c:\Program Files\Windows Live\Shared, nothing! I have downloaded Live essential’s, run it and it says I’m good to go but nothing! No start icon, nothing shows anywhere so I can’t uninstall even with Revo uninstaller.

  18. Marco

    @osmodia: make sure to search for wldcore.dll by using Wimdows Command Prompt:

    1) Click Start
    2) Type cmd in “Search programs and files”
    3) Command Prompt window appears
    4) In Command Prompt window type:
    dir wldcore.dll /s
    5) It should find it in some folder

    Because I wasted half a day searching for wldcore.dll by using Windows Explorer search box and it won’t find it. I don’t know why, Windows is junk and evil!

  19. Donald Sanders

    Even for Windows 10 the WLDCore.dll should be on your computer. If it is not then you have a problem with your operating system.

    To find it: Pull up Windows Explorer. In the top two input fields put in C:\ on the left and WLDCore.dll in the right field, then press enter. It will search your entire hard drive.

    After it comes up right mouse click it and then click on copy.

    Next go to the folder of the program you are trying to run and paste (copy) it in into that same folder.

    It worked for me.

  20. Muskrat

    I have the same problem, I had it before on win7 and I have it now on a completely clean install of win10, WLDCore.dll does not exist on this computer.

    However Windows Live Mail opens as it should if I just click the icon. It opens as it should when I click a mail link in Internet Explorer.. if I try the same in Firefox or Chrome however I get the WLDCORE.dll is missing and won’t open. Which is really rather frustrating as I don’t use Internet Explorer.

  21. Sneezy Phil

    Awesome, thanks. But found the files in C:\Program Files (x86). C:\Program Files just came to a dead end.

  22. FishDog

    Thank you on the WLDCore.dll fix suggestion. Worked perfectly. Been damn near 6 mo’s i had this problem so now I can click on C.List ads and reply direct, rather then cut/paste address.

    Sometimes I try to send a file direct and it occasionally would come up with same error? I’m assuming it’ll fix that, when I send a file?

    Thank you very much!!!!!!!!!!

    Speaking of Windows Live and such, I tried to add windows live mail to my X’s new computer because she was using their new mail program which is BS!!!!!! I hate it! Totally dysfunctional. I looked everywhere to find a download for Windows Live specifically to add the mail program I use, for her. Much better!!

    Can I find Windows Live somewhere and download/install on her HP laptop running Windows 10, 64bit, and then would it migrate the existing contacts and folders over to the newly installed Windows Live Mail, should it be available?

    I refuse to buy a new laptop for same reason as I will NEVER IN A 1000 YEARS use the new mail program windows is forcing down everyone’s throat!!??

    On their current mail program there is no option to have a screen where folders are in area on left, incoming e-mails are showing in a frame up top and a preview window of hi-lited e-mail showing below!!??

    Thanks for your help.

  23. Ferry Meidianto Post author

    Hello Todd,

    I’m afraid that the Windows Live is already dead.
    You can use free or pay for Office 365.
    For personal use the Office 365 is $69.99/year.

    Best Wishes.

  24. Tommy

    I have Windows 10. I had my doubts about the suggested fix but it is simple and works great. As said previously why doesn’t Microsoft deal with this? Eliminated much frustration and countless hours of searching for an answer. Much Thanks!

  25. GM

    Quote: Try looking at Program Files (x86) directory.

    Thanks Ferry! Nice to finally have WLM working right.

    Btw Fish and Ferry yes you likely can still download the WLM 130MB offline installer since I did so only a couple months ago after finding a link after an hour long search but I’m sorry I can’t remember where it was or I’d tell you. Search and be patient searching through all the links that don’t work then you’ll likely find one that does like I did.

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