VS2010 Tips #10: How to change Local Help Library path

In this blog post, I want to show you how to change the path of the Local Help Library.

Let’s say you want to move the location of the local content being stored. You can simply move the files and change the path.

Where is it stored now? run the Help Library Manager


Then click Settings


That is the current location. You can copy the contents of that folder to somewhere. (for this example, I move my help contents to D:\DUMMY FILES\HelpLibrary\)

Then open Registry Editor


and then go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE -> SOFTWARE -> Microsoft -> Help -> v1.0

Change the value of LocalStore with the path of the new location


In this case I changed it to D:\DUMMY FILES\HelpLibrary\


Okay, now go to the new location then edit the /manifest/queryManifest.3.xml using Notepad


Modify the following to match the new location


So, for this example it will become like this


That’s it!

You can test it by running Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Documentation


10 thoughts on “VS2010 Tips #10: How to change Local Help Library path

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  2. m dev

    Your tip worked thanks. But i am still having problems. Even though i added local content in full, every time it asks for online help o

  3. RICHER Bernard

    Very well, since the time for which I looked.
    A detail, certainly due to the French version : the file Manisfest to me is called “queryManifest.10.xml”.

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  5. Geoffrey Vancoetsem

    It’s simpler to reset the initialization status of the Help Manager by editing the current file :
    “C:\Program Files\Microsoft Help Viewer\v1.0\HelpLibManager.exe.config”

    Double-check that the Help Library Agent and Help Library Manager are not running, then set the appSetting “FirstTimeRun” to “True”.
    Next time you’ll launch the Help Manager it will be like the first time.

  6. Sudesh Sawant

    I had followed the steps above, but messed up somewhere. Fixed it, thanks to Geoffrey for his comment.

  7. Andy Guo

    In my case,Microsoft Help Viewer 1.1 can’t recognizes new location until I reboot Windows.

    P.S : Please forgive me for my poor English.

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